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BGMI Current Season End Date and Time 2024 Update – Battlegrounds Mobile India Upcoming Season

BGMI Current Season End Date and Time 2024 Update – Battlegrounds Mobile India Upcoming Season


BGMI Current Season End Date and Time 2024 Update – Battlegrounds Mobile India Upcoming Season Release Date and Time. Check BGMI New Rank Tier Date and Time 2024. BGMI 3.2 Update Official Website Releasing Date. Battlegrounds Mobile India is a very popular game and the reason for its popularity is the consistent updates.

Several updates released by their management at a consistent interval. And due to which game environment is very healthy and playful. To maintain a frisk environment in-game developers of this game. Furthermore, Dedicated and working constantly to improve and give best of best updates to their audience.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Current Season End Date 2024 (Version) Season Name

In BGMI, every 2 Months there’s a season reset and after that Players Ranks gets a reset. And after every reset players get a chance to reach High Tiers again. Reason for this reset, to give new players a chance to reach High Tiers simultaneously with other Players. With this reset comes Security Patches and lots of in game apparels. Current Season Known as C6S16, this season started 06-04-2024 (07:30) – 30-05-2024 (05:29).

Moreover, Every Cycle has 3 Seasons, it means that after every 3 seasons Cycle will update. For example, after Season 1-2-3 Cycle 2 will begin. Duration of 1 season is 2 Months, after 2 months new Season begins. With previous season coming ending a new cycle begins C5 as a period a 6 months and 3 seasons got completed in previous cycle C4.

BGMI Cycle 6 Season 16

Check Key Details For BGMI Upcoming New Season 2024Updates

Popular Game Name Battlegrounds Mobile India
Also Known asBGMI, India Ka Battleground
BGMI Current Ongoing SeasonCycle 6 Season 16 (C6 S16)
Season Update Name BGMI 3.2 Update
Bgmi 3.1 {C6 S16} Tier Reset Date and Time 06-04-2024 (07:30) – 30-05-2024 (05:29)
{Date of Releasing} Battlegrounds Mobile India 3.2 Tier Reset Date30-May-2024 (05:29)
Update in 2.8 Version New Zombie Event
Category BGMI Current Season Updates
Year 2024
TypePopular Mobile Game
BGMI Available on Play Store and App Store
Official Website
BGMI Upcoming New Season 2024 Updates

बैटलग्राउंड्स मोबाइल इंडिया 3.2 लेटेस्ट वर्जन – बीजीएमआई करंट सीजन!

बैटलग्राउंड्स मोबाइल इंडिया जिसको भारत के अंदर बीजीएमआई के नाम से भी जाना जाता है! यह मोबाइल गेम के अंदर एक बहुत ज्यादा पसंद गेम है! भारत के अंदर अगर बात की जाए मोबाइल गेमिंग में सबसे ज्यादा प्रसिद्ध! और खेले जाने वाले गेम की तो सबसे ऊपर बैटल ग्राउंड मोबाइल इंडिया का नाम जरूर आएगा! इसका मुख्य कारण यह भी है कि बैटलग्राउंड्स मोबाइल इंडिया के डेवलपर्स! समय-समय पर अपने गेम के अंदर अपडेट्स और नए-नए सीजन लाकर गेमर को और ज्यादा आकर्षित करते हैं!

हर 2 महीने में बीजीएमआई अपना सीजन रिसेट करता है! और नए सीजन के साथ बहुत सारे नई-नई चीज गेम के अंदर लांच करता है! अभी अभी बीजीएमआई का साइकिल 5 सीजन 13 चल रहा है जो की 3.2 वजन है यह लेटेस्ट वर्जन है! बीजीएमआई का 3.2 सीजन टियर रिसेट 30-May-2024 को सुबह 5:30 बजे होगा! और उसके बाद ही बैटलग्राउंड्स मोबाइल इंडिया का 3.3 वर्जन लॉन्च किया जाएगा! इस पेज के अंदर हमने आपको बैटलग्राउंड्स मोबाइल इंडिया करंट सीजन एंड डेट और टाइम! साथ में बैटल ग्राउंड मोबाइल इंडिया अपकमिंग सीजन से संबंधित भी सभी जानकारी देती है! तो स्वीट को अच्छे से पड़े और हमारे साथ जुड़े रहे!

BGMI 3.3 Latest Version Season Rewards 2024

When any season ends, Rewards will entitled every player reaching. Specific Rank or Tier, Rewards are predetermined and every player rewarded. Rewards change according to the Tier, higher the tier better the reward. Specific according Ranks/Tiers Rewards mentioned below :

Rank Reward
BronzePlayers gets 300x Season Tokens
Silver Players gets 350x Season Tokens
GoldPlayers gets 400x Season Tokens
Platinum Players gets 500x Season Tokens
Diamond Players gets 600x Season Tokens
CrownPlayers gets Name tag for respective Name Tag for Tier Reached (C6S16), 800x Season Tokens and Exclusive Team-up effect for Crown.
AcePlayers gets Name tag for respective Name Tag for Tier Reached(C6S16), 1000x Season Tokens and Exclusive Team-up effect For Ace.
ConquerorPlayers gets Name tag for respective Name Tag for Tier Reached(C6S16), 1200x Season Tokens and Exclusive Team-up effect for Ace.
BGMI 3.2 Latest Version Season Rewards List

Pubg Mobile Season List Till 2021 – Before BGMI Season List

Season 12nd SeasonThird Season
Season 45th SeasonSeason 6th
Seventh SeasonSeason 8th9th Season
Season 10 11th SeasonSeason 12
13th SeasonSeason 14Season 15
16th SeasonSeason 1718th Season
Before BGMI Season List In Pubg Mobile India

(Upcoming) BGMI Current Season List 2024

  • Season 19
  • Cycle 1 Season 1 (C1 S1)
  • C1 S2
  • C1 S3
  • C2S4 (Cycle 2 Season 4)
  • Cycle 2 Season 5
  • {C2S6} Cycle 2 Season 6
  • C3S7
  • C3S8
  • C3S9
  • Cycle 4 Season 10
  • Cycle 4 Season 11
  • Cycle 4 Season 12 (C4S12)
  • Cycle 5 Season 13
  • C5S14
  • Cycle 5 Season 15 (C5S15)
  • {Current Season} Cycle 6 Season 16
  • C6S17 (Upcoming Season)

Some Important Links – BGMI Current Season Official Portal

BGMI Official WebsiteClick Here
BGMI Official Website